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Hurricane Katrina Survivors
"We had sustained winds of over 197mph and gusts of 230 mph. The entire St. Bernard area has to be bulldozed because the houses are uninhabitable. The only thing standing strong is our Affordable Buildings. My wife said she would like to live in her Affordable Buildings because if it could stand up to KATRINA'S WRATH it could survive anything. These structures are amazing!"

This photo shows the building of the above customers
testimonial at the time of the initial flooding caused by
hurricane Katrina. Since this photo was taken the water
has continued to destroy all of the wooden house
structures and foundations to the point that the
government has issued a bulldoze order. Due to the quality
and strength of the customers Affordable Buildings, the building
was deemed structurally sound and can either be left in
place or relocated to a new property. Affordable Buildings are not
only hurricane rated but can be moved when built with U.S.
Buildings pre-engineered steel foundation

"We evacuated our home before Hurricane Charley and
were nervous to return. Punta Gorda took a direct hit and
we could not believe the devastation. After the storm
passed we returned to find mud everywhere and a good
amount of damage to our home. When we got to the
backyard we were happy to find our Affordable Buildings still
standing strong. We looked over at the traditional storage
building my neighbor built on their property next door and it
was severely damaged. There were other buildings we saw
that had complete second stories blown away. My
neighbors were all asking about my Affordable Buildings. I told
them from the day I first called to order my brochure until the day it was delivered I was treated with the utmost professionalism. I helped a neighbor unload a building he bought from another company and he had a much different experience. I could see first hand the quality of his building was not the same and I was glad I went with Affordable Buildings."

James Smith
Punta Gorda, FL

Year After Year, Affordable Buildings
Steel Buildings Prove To Be The Best In The Industry

News Flash
Affordable Buildings is the first
Arch Building Company to be granted
Product Approval By the State of Florida

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